A Wisconsin girl was hailed a hero after her quick thinking saved her grandmother’s life, officials said.

Kenzie Smith, 7, was in the car with her grandma Donna Bryan when the elderly woman began feeling short of breath.

Bryan pulled over to the side of the road and passed out. Her granddaughter sprang into action and called 911.

“Hello. My grandma can’t breathe,” she told dispatch, according to WKBT-TV.

The second-grader told dispatch where they were located and emergency responders quickly arrived on the scene and helped Bryan, who is now doing well.

“Kenzie, they’re gonna help you. You did a really good job, OK?” the 911 operator said.

Kenzie was celebrated for her bravery at La Crosse’s First Evangelical Lutheran School on Friday.

The city’s fire department and Mayo Clinic Health System taught students at the school lifesaving techniques and commended Kenzie for her life-saving 911 call.

“I think I was more upset and nervous and everything than she was,” Bryan said. “She remained very calm for a little kid that’s way over-anxious about everything; this was definitely a very strong moment for her.”

But Kenzie demurred at the praise, saying: “Everybody did their part for the emergency.”

“It’s true isn’t it?” Bryan said. “We always need one another. I needed you and they needed them and they all needed a hospital so we all worked together.”


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