Arctic high pressure has shifted east, with clouds increasing and temperatures hovering in the upper 20s with a chilly breeze. A cold front will cross the area tonight with little moisture and steady temperatures in the mid-20s.

An Alberta clipper system will bring a period of snow Sunday morning that will taper off to flurries in the afternoon, with 1 to 2 inches falling near and north of I-70 making roads slick.

Temperatures will edge up to near 30 degrees, then plunge into the 10s late Sunday night, with untreated roads slick and slush refreezing.

Another system will zip past Ohio Monday bringing a light wintry mix changing to snow later in the day, accompanied by moderating temperatures in the mid-30s and breezy conditions. Roads will turn slippery again Monday evening through early Tuesday, followed by a reinforcing blast of cold air.


  • Sunday: Snow tapering off p.m. (1-2″). High 30
  • Tonight: Partly cloudy, cold. Low 17
  • Monday: Cloudy, breezy, wintry mix to snow late. High 35 (17)
  • Tuesday: Blustery, colder, few flurries. High 24 (21)
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 23 (11)
  • Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 27 (7)
  • Friday: Mostly cloudy. High 33 (20)