COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — In one week, Ohio’s new firework law will go into effect allowing for consumer-grade fireworks.

The law allows for consumer-grade fireworks such as firecrackers, roman candles and bottle rockets.

It comes just in time for July 4th celebrations.

“I’ve been in the fire service for 30 years, love 4th of July, love what I means, love what it stands for, but at the same time in the back of my mind I’ve had many, many, many runs that have contributed to fireworks,” said Chief Greg Eisenacher of the Grandview Heights Fire Department.

But the new law will not change the rules in some local cites and municipalities, where local governments and subdivisions have the final say on whether residents can use the fireworks.

“Some of the communities that are more rural, have more space, these fireworks can be used appropriately,” Eisenacher said. “But here [in Grandview Heights] the density and the houses, and everything really close together, it’s a whole different aspect we’re facing.”

Grandview Heights, Worthington, and Columbus have legislation that reaffirms consumer-grade fireworks are not permitted in their boundaries.

“This is a great opportunity to remind people that they aren’t allowed in the city of Columbus,” said Columbus City Councilman Emmanuel Remy.

Novelty fireworks will be allowed in some places.

“Sparklers: go at it. Have fun with them . . . my kids love them,” Remy said. “Those are the types of things people should feel comfortable doing. Things that go in the air, the commercial grade, leave that to the professionals.”

The legislation also opens more dates and times for fireworks to be used such as the Chinese New Year and Memorial Day weekend.

Eisenacher says those small, novelty fireworks are allowed year round in Grandview Heights.

“It’s not based on any type of holidays,” he said. “Those novelty fireworks that you’re speaking of can be used throughout the year, but we just ask that you’re very careful. Have an adult and stay supervised.”

Eisenacher says if you have any questions on what is allowed where you live, call your local fire department or government office.

There are specific rules for communities that will allow consumer-grade fireworks. You can find more information by clicking here.