COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Better Call Jackson received several calls and messages asking about the future of the Santa Maria replica in downtown Columbus.

Many people would like to see the ship on display again.

Time and weather have been tough on the old ship. The clipper has not floated for years based on her condition and it’s not going to be easy or cheap to restore the ship to its original condition.

The Santa Maria served as a floating field trip for area students and was moored on the banks of the Scioto River.

The ship was pulled from the waters several years ago to make way for the massive facelift around the Scioto. Plus, the natural water level dropped.

The ship is currently stored on city property in several pieces and there are serious questions as to whether she will ever float again.

Reconstruction costs have been estimated between five and six million dollars.

“Occasionally, we hear of groups that are interested in raising some sort of money to find a place a new home for it or to run and maintain it,” said city spokesperson Brian Hoyt. “So that when we want to spend the rest of the rest of the year working with any kind of groups that are interested and see if it’s appropriate to find a new home for it.

Only significant funding can save the ship because of its condition. Another option is to make a 1/8 scale model out of the salvaged wood from the existing ship.