COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–The African American Male Wellness Agency is holding a public event, around building financial growth in Columbus’ black community.

“I think sometimes we think that it’s too late in the game for us, and that’s not true,” said Kenny R. Hampton, vice president of the African American Male Wellness Agency.

Vice President Hampton says the event is meant to provide participants with a plan toward financial wellness.

By offering free assessments of a person’s budget, along with investment advice from financial experts.

“I could buy somebody a car, right? But what would that change for their status? Not much. But if I bought you some land or some property, then that does some things there. There’s going to be some value there, that can last for a long time,” said Sherome Hathaway, chief strategy officer for the African American Male Wellness Agency.

Hathaway says they also plan to focus on building generational wealth and homeownership within black neighborhoods.

A concept echoed by Hampton, who says their hope for this event, is to see a legacy of economic growth for Black people in Columbus.

“Six months from now, we can look back at this experience, and this event, and see the impact that it’s had on many people that attended. Because they were able to see their numbers and get to work, start making the proper adjustments,” said Hampton.

For more information, participants can visit