DALLAS, GA (WXIA) — An apologetic thief apparently had second thoughts after stealing a package from a Georgia family’s front porch.

Eric Truitt said a surveillance camera captured a man taking a box from the front of his Dallas home. Inside the package were $300 in birthday gifts for Truitt’s 12-year-old daughter.

On Tuesday, Truitt found a package at his mailbox. Inside were some of the stolen gifts along with an apology note.

The note read, “So sorry. Hope this helps. I know I can’t make it right, but I hope this helps.”

“The apology note seems sincere enough on paper,” Truitt said. “I think the real test will be whether or not they change their behaviour and this is something that will affect them going forward.”

Jeremiah Walker and Norman Miller, both 19, were latest arrested after video of the crime was spread on social media. They both face charges of theft by taking.Read more: http://on.11alive.com/1RNjgNd