Former President Trump on Sunday accused President Biden of having ‘stuffed’ the Manhattan District Attorney’s office probing a hush-money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels with officials from the Department of Justice, despite it being a city-run office.

Trump’ took to his Truth Social platform to claim Biden “’stuffed’ the D.A.’s Office with Department of Injustice people,” including what he called a “DOJ operative” sent from Washington, D.C. Trump did not specify which individual he was referring to being an operative.

“Biden wants to pretend he has nothing to do with the Manhattan D.A.’s Assault on Democracy when, in fact, he has ‘stuffed’ the D.A.’s Office with Department of Injustice people, including one top DOJ operative from D.C,” Trump wrote.

He also took a shot at District Attorney Alvin Bragg who he claimed “is taking his orders from D.C.”

Bragg, a Democrat, is a New York City elected official who took office late last year. His office is staffed by city officials and is not at the direction of the president, who oversees federal officials.

Trump in his post also turned his attention toward his campaign to reassert his false claim that he beat Democratic presidential challengers “TWICE” despite his 2020 election loss for a second term.

A Manhattan grand jury indictment is expected in the case being investigated by Bragg’s office that involves a hush-money payment to Daniels made during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The case had previously been closed before Bragg decided he would reopen it.

An indictment of Trump has been signaled by prosecutors but the timing of that is unknown. Trump on Saturday claimed that he would be arrested in connection with the case on Tuesday but the DA’s office has not confirmed such details.

A spokesman for Trump on Saturday said the former president had not had any “notification” of such action.

“President Trump is rightfully highlighting his innocence and the weaponization of our injustice system,” the spokesman said.

The Department of Justice is also probing Trump in matters involving the potential mishandling of classified documents and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as well as efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss.

Attorney General Merrick Garland was appointed by Biden but the White House routinely says it stays out of matters involving federal investigations.

The Hill has reached out to the White House and the District Attorney’s office for comment.