VALLEY HI, Ohio (WCMH) — This weekend was supposed to be the start of Mad River Mountain’s 60th ski season in central Ohio.

But due to unusually warm and rainy weather, that opening has been postponed.

“Mother Nature kind of intervened,” said Larry Kuebler, general manager of Mad River Mountain.

Kuebler said due to several days of above-average temperature, they had to delay the opening of the resort — leaving behind piles of pre-made snow that they’d started last month.

“Considering how warm it’s been, and the rain, these piles have held up really good, and that helps us not starting from ground zero,” said Kuebler.

Across the resort there are dozens of massive snow piles, spread out across 144 acres. The piles are made by snow guns, which can generate several tons of snow, so long as the conditions are right.

“So, if the temps hold, what we’ll be looking at is we’ll be coming in and making snow every opportunity that we have,” said Kuebler.

Kuebler said they need temperatures under 28 degrees and low humidity for these machines to work properly. His hope is that this weekend’s dip in the weather will be the perfect opportunity to get skiers on the slopes.

“In the past few years, we haven’t been able to open in December, due to warm temps and rain, and other factors with the weather, so we’re very excited to get fired back up again this weekend, and try to get open as soon as possible,” said Kuebler.

Last year, Kuebler says they had less than 20 inches of actual snow at Mad Mountain, and the rest was all generated through snow machines.

A new opening date has not yet been announced.