COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–An entire fleet of trucks, carrying several thousand pounds of food for communities in need, left the Mid-Ohio Food Collective Thursday afternoon.

“We distribute enough food for 170,000 meals a day, and of course due to the COVID pandemic, there’s also an increase in new customers right now,” said Malik Perkins, public relations manager for the Mid-Ohio Food Collective.

It’s a mission, the Mid-Ohio Food Collective is doing in partnership with organizations like Kroger As part of a nationwide effort known as Hunger Action Month.

The goal is to end food insecurity for families living across 20 different counties in Ohio.

“We’re going to do a convoy with over 14 vehicles here from Mid-Ohio Food Collective, that Kroger has helped to kind of partner, and keep those fueled, in order for them to be able to feed our hungry friends and neighbors,” said Amy McCormick, corporate affairs manager for Kroger’s Columbus division.

This wouldn’t be possible without the hundreds of employees and volunteers who help each day.

“Sometimes you can have one-stop a day, sometimes you can have five or six stops a day,” said Kevin Estep, a truck driver with the Mid-Ohio Food Collective.

Estep is one of several drivers with the Mid-Ohio Food Collective, who come to grocery stores like Kroger, to pick up and then deliver their donated food.

It’s a job he’s been doing now for over five years and never gets tired of.

“Started here and it’s just a great thing to do, it motivates me every day to get up and come in and do what I do,” said Estep.

Since the start of COVID, the Mid-Ohio Food Collective has distributed more than 124 million pounds of food to more than 230,000 families in Ohio.