AGAWAM, MA (WWLP) – Halloween scare tactics that could give you nightmares, have proven to be a haunted house promoters dream.

Creepy clowns have started popping up across the nation as Halloween approaches.

It’s creepy even if you already know who is under the mask but for 1.5 million people that viewed this viral video, it is enough to cause nightmares. A clown, with balloons carrying a sign reading Free Hugs outside of Geisslers Supermarket in Agawam running after a car.

“We shared it on Facebook before you know it people thought it was a real clown, it was their cousin in the car,” said Matt Del Negro.

Mark Del Negro made the video with his partners to promote the first Scare Fest taking place at the Eastern States Exposition Storrowton Village from October 13th to Halloween. Mark said it took them three tries to get the video right and no one walking along was included.

It’s enough to keep you up at night even if you aren’t scared of clowns. The men behind the mask say this is top of the line prosthetics straight from Hollywood because they’ve worked on film productions in the past.

Del Negro said the reactions have been mostly positive, but said he had to tell one neighbor it was fake, “He actually thought it was real and was actually ready to create a mob to go and look for the clown. I had to tell him that. I was like dude that was a fake video don’t get all upset about it. On his Facebook post he said, ‘they picked the wrong town’ and he’s a big dude and I was like dude we didn’t pick any town it was like five minutes away from my house.”

Del Negro said he apologizes to anyone that may have been offended, “We were never intending to put anyone in danger or scare anyone. We were just trying to make a really bad viral video with our cell phone and I guess it was better than the actual commercials we paid for.”

The 18th century Storrowton Village will have a room dedicated to just creepy clowns during Scare Fest.