NEW YORK (WCMH) — Don’t underestimate the ingenuity of two toddlers.

A video recorded on a home monitoring system by two New York parents shows 2-year-old twins Andrew and Ryan having a late-night party while they are supposed to be asleep. The boys crawl out of their cribs and merrily toddle around their room, moving pillows around the floor. They work together to create a comfy pile and begin doing some somersaults.

They take a short break to chat on the couch, and then start again.

Parents Jonathan and Susana arrive partway through the video to put them back in their cribs and clean up. As soon as they leave, the boys are back at it, creating another pile of pillows to play on and spending some quality time on the couch. Mom and Dad show up again to put them to sleep, and the boys get up a third time–but this time, they just sit on the couch and, presumably, talk about their adventures.

The video has been shared widely on Facebook, and Jonathan says the family is “overwhelmed by the outpouring of love.”

Jonathan said the boys had carried out a similar routine for about three months, and that he and Susana “slowly removed everything and bolted the furniture to the walls.”

He also said that he and his wife switched to beds instead of cribs for the boys–the experiment only lasted for one night, as the twins were “nonstop all night.”If you can’t see the video above, click here.