VIDEO: Man clocked driving 112 miles per hour tells officer he was 'trying to do a Snapchat'

ALPHARETTA, GA (WCMH) - Showing off on social media has landed one Georgia man in jail.

Malon Neal, 28, was pulled over in an Atlanta suburb after a police officer clocked him driving at 112 miles per hour in a 65-miles-per-hour zone.

When the officer pulled Neal over, he made a stunning confession.

"The reason I stopped you is I'd love to see where you're heading in such a hurry," the officer is heard saying in dash cam video obtained by WSB.

"I'm trying to do a Snapchat," Neal said. "I'm not going to lie to you."

"A what?" the officer asks.

"A Snapchat," Neal replied.

Snapchat, a social media app, offers a filter that shows the speed at which a user is traveling at the time a Snap -- a photo or video message -- is taken.

Neal's admission and the high rate of speed at which he was driving landed him in jail.

"You're being placed under arrest for driving that fast man," the officer said. "Reckless driving. 112 miles per hour in a 65. Can't be doing that man."

George Gordon, an employee of the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety, said this is a reminder that showing off on social media and driving do not mix.

"It's reckless endangerment to the public," Gordon said.


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