LA MARQUE, TX (WCMH) – A Texas police officer’s body camera captured the harrowing moments when an freight train dragged an SUV with two people trapped inside.

The SUV was heading west on Main Street in La Marque, Texas just before 2:30am on Friday when it struck a stopped Union Pacific freight train. When the officer arrived on scene, he started trying to get the two people trapped inside the vehicle out. Suddenly, the train started moving and dragging the SUV along with it.

The train dragged the vehicle, and the couple trapped inside of it, for about 100 yards.

Body camera video obtained by KTRK shows the terrifying moment.

“What the…? Get them to stop! Stop that train!” the officer yelled. “Call the railroad company. Tell them to stop that train from moving! They’re draggin’ the car with people inside.”

The officer did what he could, including coordinating efforts to get the engineer’s attention further down the track.

“God, hold tight man,” the officer frantically said to the couple in the SUV. “We’re getting them to stop.”

According to police, the engineer did not realize the SUV was wedged under the train. The driver of the SUV is in the hospital in serious condition. He is suspected of driving under the influence. The woman passenger is expected to recover from her injuries.