COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Shipments of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are coming to Ohio before the holidays, destined for hospitals, EMS workers, and nursing home residents and staff.

Governor Mike DeWine announced in a briefing that shipments will be arriving on December 15 and December 22, with a third date a few days later to be confirmed.

Healthcare workers and personnel who deal with COVID-19 are going to be the first to be vaccinated in a shipment of 9,750 vaccines from Pfizer about December 15. An additional 88,725 Pfizer doses will go to Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy for distribution to nursing home residents and their carers, and those in congregate care settings.

On December 22, there will be 201,000 doses from Moderna. Part will go to 98 hospitals to vaccinate those dealing with COVID-19 patients, and the rest to 108 health departments for people like emergency medical service staff, and home health workers.

Pfizer will ship 123,000 also on December 22, for Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy, again headed for nursing homes and congregate care settings.

A third shipment, 148,000 from Pfizer and 89,000 from Moderna, is expected to follow before the end of the month, with a date and distribution schedule to be confirmed, Governor DeWine said.