COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Reagan Tokes left her first shift as a Bodega bartender on Wednesday night. She had worked there since summer in other capacities. Around 9:45 p.m., wearing all black, she walked to her car alone, something her co-workers told police she didn’t do often.

Like Tokes, Brianna Sauers is a psychology major at Ohio State. She didn’t know Stokes, but knows the feeling of leaving work after dark.

“I close a lot, so I’m always there at night,” Sauers says of her current job. “I always make sure one of my co-workers is with me so that way I’m not actually alone.”

Stokes usually followed the same rule. But not on this night.

A Bodega employee told NBC4 via text message today that Reagan had a “bright personality” and “was full of happiness.” The pictures her family and friends shared on social media reflecting those sentiments.

Meanwhile, on OSU’s campus, it’s a tragic reminder of how quickly life can be taken away.

“The only certain thing in life is that you’re going to die,” Sauer went on. “But the scary part is you have no idea when it’s going to be and it happens a lot too soon.”

Too soon for Reagan Tokes.