(NBC NEWS) – Tonight on “Dateline,” wife and mother Sherri Dally is handcuffed in a parking lot in front of witnesses on a Monday morning and taken into an unmarked car by a blond woman. But when her family reaches out to the police, detectives aren’t able to find any record of the arrest. Where could Sherri be?

Here’s a preview of Josh Mankiewicz’s report: 

Suburban life tends to find its own rhythm. And on Mondays, after dropping off the boys at school, Sherri ran errands that usually included a stop at Target.

So, mike’s sister and niece went to target.  And in the parking lot, they found Sherri’s 15 passenger van, which she used to transport all her daycare kids. What they did not find was Sherri.

The van was empty, driver’s door unlocked. And inside, Sherri’s keys and a gift she bought for her mom Karlyne Guess.

Karlyne, who at this point still had no idea Sherri was missing.  Around 8:30 p.m. when Sherri’s parents got home, her mom listened to a voicemail that Mike had left on their landline.

KARLYNE GUESS:  He said, “This is Mike.” Give me a call. Something’s happened to Sherri.”

All kinds of terrible things entered Karlyne’s mind.

KARLYNE GUESS: I thought, “Was she in an accident,” Did she have an appendix attack?”

Karlyne called Mike back and in an instant, her fears were replaced by one even worse.  

KARLYNE GUESS:  He said, “She’s gone.”

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