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WV couple welcomes rare identical triplet girls

HUNTINGTON, WV (WSAZ) A West Virginia couple is welcoming their new identical triplets.

"God's been right there every step of the way," said Brianna Walls, who says she never thought this would happen.

Walls gave birth to three girls -- Kenadie Faith, Teagen Grace, and Raelynn Hope -- on February 23 at Cabell-Huntington Hospital.

She remembers the day she got the surprising ultrasound.

"She started counting and she was like, '1, 2, 3,' and I was like, 'What are you counting?'" said Walls. "She was like, 'Heartbeats.'"

They were even more shocked when the babies were born and were identical.

"It's exceedingly rare," said Dr. Cynthia Massey at Cabell-Huntington Hospital. "I don't think any of us have ever seen triplets that are identical before."

She says the chances of having identical triplets are about 0.00048% or 1 in 200,000.

"We're all very excited that we've gotten to see this in our lives," said Massey.

Right now the parents are able to tell the babies apart because they are different sizes. When that changes and the girls are the same size, they will have to come up with another way.



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