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Woman slices finger on razor blade in Walmart shopping cart

EAST WINDSOR, CT (CNN/WOWK) - A Connecticut woman sought medical care after cutting her finger on a shopping cart at a Walmart store Sunday night. 

She says there was a razor blade hidden underneath the handle.

The victim, who did not want to go on camera, shared it with WFSB and also issued a statement describing what happened. 

She says "I turned my cart around to go down an aisle and then I caught something on the underside of the handle. I didn't know until later that it was actually a blade."

The woman immediately reported the incident to East Windsor Police who are now investigating.

"The officers responded and they were able to identify and find a razor blade that was in the handle of a shopping cart," said Det. Sgt. Matthew Carl with East Windsor Police. 

The officers as well as the Walmart staff checked all of the other shopping carts and found no others with razor blades. 

Police say they don't know if it was intentionally stuck in the handle, but they say it's hard to believe otherwise. 

"This day and age with people that do different types of things, and unfortunately this is one of those things that somebody could maliciously just for the only intent of harming love a person," said Det. Sgt. Carl. 

Meantime, today for shoppers at the Walmart the news is disturbing. 

Especially to shopper Dr. Katherine Mashey, who is a retired foot surgeon. 

"That's a number 11 surgical razor. That's a surgical razor," Mashey said. 

She immediately recognized it to be a surgical razor blade usually used for taking out stitches. 

"That means Somebody one, got their hands on it. Two, put it in there to cause injury. And then I question, is there contamination? HIV, Hepatitis B, C. So that's a very scary thing," Mashey said. 

Police are reviewing surveillance video from the store to figure out how it happened.


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