OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) —  The owner of an Ozark-based lab collection company turned herself in Friday after being investigated for fake records given to the Dale County Department of Human Resources.

According to the Ozark Police Department, Brandy Murrah, 36, of Clopton is believed to have falsified paternity tests and drug test screenings.

The Investigation Division began looking into the allegation against Murrah’s company, A&J Lab Collections on May 2.

“Without releasing too much, we received a complaint from a doctor’s office in the Florida area advising us that they believed a document had been forged,” Sgt. Cody Evans said. “Some of the testing (was) never approved by their facility, but I can’t go any further at this time.”

A source tells WDHN that, if the allegations are true, several children may have been wrongfully taken from their families by the Ozark judicial system. She allegedly pocketed money by keeping lab fees for herself.

The Ozark Police Department says it’s possible that these forgeries could have been made over a period of years and could have spilled into other jurisdictions.

“Information has been discussed by the suspect by other jurisdictions, but we are in the current process of making contact with them to make sure they are aware so they can do their own investigation or join the investigation,” Evans said. 

“It’s very disappointing, you know, that the trust is taken away from the people that trust in DHR and the court services to get it right so unfortunately, it’s very unfortunate for the families that’s been affected by this, but we can assure you that we’re working on making sure we make that right,” he added. 

Currently, Dale County court officials are assisting in the investigation to sort out the extent of the forgeries.

Another source said Murrah, under her previous last name Williams, was convicted on five counts of fraudulent use of a credit card in Houston County in 2013. Court records show that her case ended in a guilty plea resulting in her being sentenced to 14 months in prison and three years of probation.

Murrah was booked in the Dale County Jail at 4:25 p.m. but was released later on. She faces two fourth-degree forgery charges according to jail records.