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Wearing shoes in your house could carry deadly germs inside, researcher says

HOUSTON, TX (KPRC) A doctor from the University of Houston is leading research to find out how harmful it is to wear shoes indoors.

Dr. Kevin Garey started testing the shoes and homes of his own students and their friends. He says the majority of tests had relatively harmless germs, but a significant number of participants' shoes tested positive for Clostridium difficile, or C-diff. 

This particular type of bacteria doesn't harm healthy people, but it can be dangerous and even deadly for those with a weakened immune system. 

To help prevent the spread of C-diff, Dr. Garey recommends regular household cleaning and removing your shoes before visiting an elderly or sick person. 

Garey said, according to his research, places in homes that are most likely to be contaminated are your doorsteps or high-traffic areas where you rarely clean.


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