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Walgreens adopts gender-neutral bathroom policy

(WCMH) -- Walgreens is adopting a new companywide policy to allow customers to use store bathrooms that align with their gender identity, NBC News reports.

The drugstore company changed its policy after a customer in California said a Walgreens employee forbade her from using the women's restroom because she "dressed like a man." The American Civil Liberties Union's Southern California chapter issued a statement this week detailing the change.

"All individuals have a right to use restroom facilities that correspond to the individual's gender identity, regardless of the individual's sex assigned at birth," the new policy, dated Nov. 21, 2017, states. "Walgreens family of companies subscribes to a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression/presentation."

ACLU SoCal began a series of discussions with Walgreens after Jessie Mehan claimed an employee refused to open the women's restroom for her and insisted she used the men's facility. The store manager reportedly agreed with the sales associate, and told her to use the men's restroom. Mehan was on her way to a Los Angeles LGBTQ Pride festival last year.




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