Some viewers may find the video disturbing. Discretion is advised.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WCMH/Storyful) — Video released by Evansville police showed the moment authorities located a former corrections officer and inmate in Indiana on May 9 after they escaped from a prison in Alabama.

Former corrections officer Vicky White died from self-inflicted injuries after she and fugitive prisoner Casey White crashed during a police pursuit, the Vanderburg County Coroner said.

Dashcam video from the Evansville Police Department shows Casey White being arrested by officials on the hood of a police car. A bodycam video also released by the police department shows multiple officers attempting to remove Vicky from the driver’s seat of a crashed vehicle.

Previously, a 911 audio recording of a call made by Vicky White during the police pursuit was released.

Vanderburg County Sheriff Dave Wedding said the female driver had “very serious” injuries from a self-inflicted gunshot, while the other passenger had less severe injuries. They were both taken to the hospital, according to Sheriff Wedding.

On April 29, Vicky White said she was taking inmate Casey White for a mental health evaluation when she checked him out of jail. Authorities found out later that no such evaluation or court hearing was scheduled. A nationwide manhunt ensued for the pair, who were not related despite having the same last name.