The owners of a stolen truck are giving people a look at what’s left behind after a man stole it and then led police on a three-hour chase. 

Many people have seen the video of the suspect, Brenton Hager, fleeing police. It started in Shane and Stephanie Jones’ driveway on November 3, as Stephanie waited for the truck to warm up. The suspect stole the truck while it was running outside.

“People (are) bad mouthin’ her for saying she left the keys in the truck,” Shane says. “It was on my property, it was warming up. It was a diesel.”

The Joneses filed a police report and did their own search of the area. A week later, Shane Jones spotted the driver.

“I was coming down 44 and I seen a black truck coming to me heading east, and I thought it looked like my truck,” he explains, “And yep, I got a little closer, it was my truck so I immediately pulled a U-turn and got behind him.. he seen me.. he knew, .. he just kinda sunk down in his seat and pulled his hat down and that`s where it all started.”

Shane called in the stolen truck and began to give chase. He finally ended up on the scene of the wreck of the pond.

The couple says they were never contacted by police afterwards. They went to the wrecking yard on Sunday morning to take a look at the vehicle, and found Hager had apparently been living in the truck. The Joneses found banking statements, pad locks, fishing line, wiring ripped from the truck, a ski mask, syringes, and more. He had LED lights under the dash, and all interior cab lights were blacked out with black tape. Perhaps the biggest oddity was hundreds and hundreds of Magic the Gathering cards.

“The whole front of the truck was just soaked from being in the pond,” Stephanie says.

Shane says he spent almost $60,000 on his truck. Right now, insurance is offering him about $18,000 to replace it.

The Joneses say they are relieved that no one was injured during the chase, but say replacing the truck isn’t as easy as having insurance. They say their issues are far from done.