(NBC) — A coroner arrives at the scene of a car accident to find his friend, Judy Orr Baldwin, deceased. He begins to think her death looks suspicious after he notices some unusual markings on her face. Was it an accident, or something far more sinister? Andrea Canning reports tonight on “Dateline: The Black Box.”

Jesse McWaters considered herself the daughter Judy never had. She said her aunt was bubbly, talkative and had a huge heart.

JESSE MCWATERS: “She was the bright light in a dark room.  She really was.”

ANDREA CANNING: “Was Judy a romantic? Did she believe in true love?”

JESSE MCWATERS: “She did believe in true love, just because she had experienced it.  Todd was her one true love.”

Judy’s first husband died in a motorcycle accident 12 years earlier. 

JESSE MCWATERS: “I think after he passed. She was kinda longing for that love. And she wanted to be loved like that again.”

ANDREA CANNING: “Was Judy lonely?”

JESSE MCWATERS: “She was lonely. She wanted somebody for sure.”

So, Judy’s family was happy when she started dating Jamie Baldwin, a retired police officer, and former 911 operator.

The couple had a whirlwind romance. And after just eight months, they married in 2012. 

ANDREA CANNING: “How did you feel that your mom was with a former police officer?”

JOSH ORR: “She was safe, you know, protected with somebody that, would help her if she was in need. You know, somebody that was- had her back.”

JESSE MCWATERS: “He showed her a lot of attention. And she was actually giddy around him.”

ANDREA CANNING: “Did they seem happy?”

JOSH ORR: “Oh, yeah, it was extremely happy. And you know her bein’ happy, I’m extremely happy.”

So who killed Judy? Watch “Dateline” tonight on NBC4 at 10 p.m., right after “Lincoln Rhyne: Hunt for the Bone Collector” for another “Crimetime Friday” you won’t want to miss.


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