BOONVILLE, MO (WCMH) — A Missouri farm is welcoming a newborn Clydesdale horse, the symbol of Budweiser beer.

For the last 10 years, Jon Soto has been keeping an eye open for any newborns at Warm Springs Ranch.

“There’s none of them that are exactly the same. No birth, even though it went spot-on, is not the same as any other birth,” Soto told KTVI-TV. “It’s all its own thing. This is where they’re born. This is the starting place of the Budweiser Clydesdale’s.”

The new baby was born Sunday night at 7:30pm. He was up on all fours just 18 hours later.

Now, he’s already getting ready for his busy career.

“He’ll go to Grant’s Farm where he’ll spend about the next two and a half years doing the same things, a lot of bathing, washing legs, the things that’ll be done to him for his entire life,” Soto explains. “You know, clipping and all that stuff in the grooming. So then when he’s three, he’ll go to Meramec, New Hampshire, which is our training facility.”

Once the colt turns four, he’ll officially be considered a rookie Clydesdale.

The facility near Boonville, Missouri is celebrating its tenth anniversary. More than 70 Clydesdales call the ranch home.