Sisters’ terrifying texts as shots ring out at Stoneman Douglas: I’m so scared, tell them I love them

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PARKLAND, FL (WFLA) – As shots rang out in the halls of Stoneman Douglas High School, Hannah Carbocci first thought it was a drill. Her high school, like many others across the nation, had practiced for active shooters.

It soon became apparent, this was no drill.

“I was in the first floor of the freshman building that got shot into,” said the 17-year-old Carbocci.

She immediately tried to call 911, but like many others she could not get through.

Inside the classroom, she and her schoolmates dove for cover. She will never forget the sounds.

“You can hear outside in the hallways there, they were screaming, the kids in my classroom were screaming, you could hear through the other doors and other walls the kids screaming inside you could hear the bullet holes coming though the walls. You could see the dust flying everywhere from the walls,” said Carbocci.

As she hid under a desk, still not able to get a call out, she started to text her sister.

“kaitlin there is a shooter on campus”

“I am not joking”

“call 911 please”

“send them to Douglas”

Hannah’s 19-year-old sister recently graduated from the school and as the text messages blasted across the screen of her phone, she was in disbelief.

“I didn’t want to believe it at all, and I started to work myself into a panic attack,” said Kaitlin.

She replied to her sister, “hannah what” then, “are you serious”. As the words and the reality began to sink in she kept texting, not wanting her sister to stop. If she stopped texting, Kaitlin feared the worst.

“I’m calling 911”, then “I love you”

Kaitlin also called their father who has a job with the Sheriff’s office in Broward County.

“Then I got a call from my dad and he’s like I have Hannah on the other line, she’s safe, the cops have her and she’s on her way to me and in that moment I just took a sigh of relief knowing she was safe,” said Kaitlin.

Hannah was safe, but four of her classmates in the room where she was hiding were wounded, two died.

“Two that were in my class, Nicholas Dworet and Helena Ramsay, they both lost their lives, they had such amazing lives going for them. Nicholas was a swimmer, Helena was a beautiful girl,” said Hannah.

That night when they finally saw each other, the two sisters hugged, they did not let got for a long time.

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