PHOENIX, Ariz. (WFLA) — A single mother was saddled with hundreds of dollars in unexpected charges and overdraft fees after her son went on a spending spree in the popular video game Roblox.

According to a KPNX report, Kayla Howard was shocked to learn her 7-year-old son – who has autism – racked up $897 in unauthorized charges. She said she didn’t even know there were microtransactions in the game.

“Sometimes as busy parents, we do overlook things,” Howard told KPNX. “He’s 7. He has autism. You know it’s hard for him to recognize consequences for his actions.”

The single mom said she works two jobs to support her four children. The unexpected expense could not have come at a worse time – just days before Christmas.

“I’m trying my best not to cry, not to stress out about it,” Howard told KPNX. “I’m just trying to be as solution-focused about it as I can.”

Howard said she received just $10 from Google as a refund. She said she also reached out to Roblox but has yet to hear back.

A spokesperson for Roblox told WPNX they were reviewing her claim. The game’s website said parents could set spending limits within the app.

Howard set up a GoFundMe to cover expenses in the meantime. It has raised over four times its original goal of $1,244.