RUSH CITY, MN (WCMH) — An Army veteran from Minnesota used his sharp shooting skills to save a young bald eagle stuck in a tree.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, veteran Jason Galvin noticed a young bald eagle hanging upside down from a rope.

“Right then I thought man that just doesn’t look good,” Galvin told KARE.

Despite calls to the DNR and the fire department, there was nothing that could be done because the eagle was too high in the tree.

That’s when Galvin decided to shoot the bird out of the tree, safely. Slowly, he began to shoot away branches around the eagle. More than 150 times, Galvin fired.

“It was slow precise shots,” Galvin said of the process.

Then Galvin shot the rope that was holding the eagle.

It landed safely the soft underbrush.

Galvin said it was the holiday weekend and knew he had to help the bird, he named Freedom.

“4th of July, you know, that’s our bird, I can’t let it sit there.”

Veterinarians are assessing the eagle, but say he is eating and drinking.What others are clicking on: