WASHINGTON D.C. (WCMH) — President Trump says he’s ready to kill a $700 billion military funding bill if Congress decides to rename army bases that honor confederate soldiers.

“They’re traitors,” Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said. “I mean they were traitors to our country. Period.”

Brown says the president’s position is indefensible.

“If the president vetoes an essential defense bill because he’s standing up for the traitors that were generals in the civil war and trying to destroy our country, I don’t understand that thinking,” he said.

Even many republicans, including Ohio Senator Rob Portman think it’s time for a change.
He says his father served at Fort Benning, one of the ten bases that could be renamed.

“Say a medal of honor winner who might be an appropriate person to name that fort after,” Portman said.

Military leaders, including Secretary of Defense Mark Esper also support changing the army bases’ names.

But the president says he’s unwilling to budge.

“Excuse me, I don’t care what the military says,” Trump said. “I’m supposed to make the decision.”

Both the House and Senate passed their own versions of the bill this week and each contained provisions to rename the bases.

“Everybody postures in this town and you have your positions,” Portman said.

“I don’t have any way of predicting what Donald Trump is going to do,” Brown said.

If the legislation passes and the president signs the bill as is, the military would likely have up to three years to come up with new names.