LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Saddleback Barbecue in Lansing announced on Facebook that they helped raise more than $700 for a local teacher’s classroom and $500 for Afghan refugees.

But it wasn’t necessarily easy sailing. They said that they received a lot of hateful comments from people, including at a school fundraiser.

“We want to be very clear: WE TAKE NO POSITION ON POLITICS! As a community restaurant, it is very important to us that everyone in the community feels welcome in our stores. All backgrounds, colors, preferences, political opinions, etc. – Everyone. Period.” Saddleback said on Facebook.

Saddleback has a history of raising money for local people and businesses in need.

In December, Saddleback Barbecue owners Travis Stoliker and Matt Gillett helped raise money for Mitten Raised bakery in East Lansing. Then in January they saw an opportunity to help Coach’s Pub & Grill in Lansing.

The barbecue joint said on their Facebook page that helping out refugees and teachers is not a political position, and thanked the people who supported them.

“Thank you to the vast majority of you that helped and supported these efforts. You all are incredible! To the people that are angry at us and threatening a boycott, I hope you can reconsider your stance and know that we are only trying to do a small part to help where we can in our community.”