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RUSH HOUR STAMPEDE: Rear-end accident sends cattle running free on highway

LODI, CA (WCMH) - The afternoon rush hour is hectic enough, but a rear-end accident added even more chaos for drivers Friday afternoon in California.

According to KOVR, a tow truck hit the back of a stock trailer full of cattle, opening the trailer’s doors. The cattle made a break for it, stampeding down Highway 99 right in the middle of rush hour.

“It was pretty crazy and everything,” Abby Ruegsegger told KOVR. “We were just trying to get them corralled at first, but everyone started pushing them all back this way. People ran behind their cars.”

The cattle even came close to raming a California Highway Patrol car.

“I was trying to not get stampeded,” Officer Heather Lundbom said. “I jumped up to make sure I was safe.”

While bystanders were able to wrangle up most of the cattle, two were still on the run, leading ranchers, officers and animal control on a slow-speed chase through the countryside.

“It was a bit of a stampede,” Lundbom said. “We tried to round them up before they got even north on the freeway.”

While the cattle were able to enjoy a brief taste of freedom, they were all eventually rounded up. Luckily, no cows or people were injured during the incident.




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