A Massachusetts man’s rare 1943 Lincoln penny could be worth over a million dollars.

The 1943 penny was minted in steel due to Copper being a valuable material for the war effort. 

The owner, Don Lutes Jr., found a copper 1943 penny in the change from his high school lunch back in 1947. It’s one of 20 that was minted on copper instead of steel.

He recently passed away, now the penny is up for auction.

As of 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, the bidding is up to $130k. The auction is scheduled to end Thursday.

If you suspect you have a rare copper 1943 penny, try running a magnet over it. If the penny sticks to the magnet, it’s worth about one cent. If the magnet doesn’t stick, you might have something valuable.

If you suspect you have a rare coin, a numismatist can help you determine what it’s worth.