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Postal worker found dead in mail truck during record-breaking heat wave

LOS ANGELES, CA (WCMH) - A United States Postal Service worker who was nearing retirement was found dead inside her mail truck during a record-breaking heat wave in California.

Peggy Frank, 63, was a 28-year veteran of the postal service. She had just returned to work after being on medical leave for a broken ankle on Friday. Frank was pronounced dead on the scene after attempts to revive her failed. Now, Frank’s family is calling for the postal service to make changes.

“I am really so sad because she was going to retire really soon. Now she can’t,” Lynn Calkins, Frank’s sister, told KTLA.

The coroner’s office is still attempting to determine the cause of death, but Frank’s family believes the extreme temperatures, which soared to around 115 degrees Friday, may have been a factor.

“They [the postal service] need to do something,” Calkins said. “They need to start caring about their people a little more.”

A representative with the postal service told KTLA that even though mail trucks are not equipped with air conditioning, employee safety is a top priority and employees are reminded every day to stay hydrated, wear appropriate clothing and hats, carry sufficient amounts of water and ice and to stay in the shade as much as possible.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the employee’s family at this time,” a statement from the postal service said.

Calkins said the statement and the reminders to stay safe in extreme weather aren’t enough and that the postal service needs to install air conditioning in all mail trucks.

“They just need to, you know, they ust need to change things a little so it doesn’t happen to anybody else,” she said.


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