As the White House and lawmakers toss around ideas regarding a second round of stimulus relief, a new poll reveals an additional direct payment is needed to help Americans pay their essential bills.

The poll, from Money/Morning Consult, found 42% of Americans feel another payment is necessary to help them pay expenses, according to a report in Newsweek. According to 32%, a check would be helpful but not critical in helping them cover essential costs. The poll surveyed 2,200 people.

Newsweek notes a similar trend from a May FT-Peterson U.S. Economic Monitor survey, in which 76% of participants said it was important for them to personally receive another direct payment.

Of the 1,100 people surveyed, 51% said it was very important and 25% said it was somewhat important.

Around half of those surveyed said the money would help cover essential expenses such as mortgage, rent and food, according to Newsweek.

Where we stand

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said lawmakers will begin discussing a stimulus package following the current two-week congressional recess. During a Monday event in Kentucky, McConnell noted a stimulus check could be included in the package — and it might be targeted to those hardest hit, according to The Washington Post.

On Thursday morning, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he was hopeful stimulus legislation could be passed by the end of July. That seems to echo President Donald Trump, who said earlier this week that the next round of checks would be coming sooner than later.

“We are working on another stimulus package, and that will take place … very soon,” Trump told Jessi Turnure, a reporter for the Nexstar Washington, D.C., Bureau.

Trump said his administration and Congress are currently negotiating the exact amount included in the next round of coronavirus relief.

Congress and the Senate will recess until July 20. It’s unlikely the Senate will consider any additional relief packages before that time.