SOUTH CAROLINA (KRON)-A South Carolina man’s attempt to spread some Christmas cheer got him in trouble with the police.

Brandon Wooden had been working on his “Light Car” for quite some time, but it landed him on the Beaufort County Police Department’s naughty list.

“I just like to see people’s reactions, spread a little love, joy – I call it spread the glow,” Wooden tells WJCL.

Wooden had been lighting up his car with holiday lights for the past five years, but police in his town weren’t thrilled.

He was pulled over and given a $232 ticket, but this isn’t the first time he’s been stopped by police.

“The first time they only pulled me over because they wanted to take pictures of the car,” he said.”The second time it was a warning and the third time was for improper lighting of a vehicle.”

When people in the neighborhood found out about the citation, they started a GoFundMe to help him pay it off.