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Petition created to bring back Costco's polish dog to menu

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (KRON) - Over the weekend we told you that Costco was dropping its beloved polish dog from the food court menu and adding an acai bowl in its place. 

Sorry, it wasn't a nightmare. It's reality. 

If you weren't too happy about that piece of news, you weren't alone. 

After news broke of the menu change, it didn't take long for people to voice their concerns and demand change. 



In an effort to try to #SaveThePolishDog, there's now a petition on change.org pleading Costco to "Bring Back the Polish Dog!" 

The petition, created by Anthony Stever, reads: 

"Costco warehouses have begun to discontinue one of the most popular items in the history of Costco -- the Polish Dog Combo. Sorry, the Hot Dog does not "cut the mustard." Please bring it back. We promise to eat more of them!" 

So far the petition has more than 300 signatures with a 500 signature-goal. 

Will the petition help the crusade for the polish dog? 

Only time will tell.


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