Parishioners say the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue at a New Mexico church is weeping again. While the Diocese has yet to find a natural explanation, the faithful have no doubt they’re witnessing a miracle.

“I just want everybody to know that this is real. I feel it’s real,” said Judy Ronquillo, the church’s business manager.

Church officials say the statue at the church bearing her name in Hobbs started shedding tears again on Saturday.

They say it’s the first time in more than three months, and the fourth time overall.

“You want to know why she’s crying, you feel like, please tell me how can I help? You know, when your mother is crying and you don’t know what to do,” said Ronquillo.

Parishioners and other faithful believe there is something supernatural at work here, specifically a miracle, but the church has yet to make that declaration.

The Diocese of Las Cruces has been conducting tests on the tears since they first appeared.

They say testing shows the tears are made of scented olive oil, similar to what is used during baptisms.

As of last month, they had yet to find a natural explanation. Meanwhile, the investigation continues, with the Diocese saying, “if it’s determined to be supernatural, they must discern if it is from God or the devil.”

“The congregation has grown, people have gotten closer to the Lord,” said Irene Salgado, a longtime parishioner. “Whether it’s true or not, it’s what in our heart and all God wants is a contrite heart.”

Despite the questions, the faithful continue to come from all over to witness this for themselves and pray.

“I think she’s going to keep crying, she is,” said Ronquillo. “I know she’s a statue, and she’s there and you’re standing in front of her…and you’re just looking at her, and you’re like, this can’t be. But it’s happening. That’s when your faith just grows more.”

The bishop investigating the incident is leaving the Diocese. They said the new bishop will take over the investigation.