(NBC News) – Tonight, on a special “Dateline NBC,” Lester Holt brings the story of Flight 93, the 40 men and women who fought back against the terrorists, sacrificing themselves so that others might live.

And for the first time, some of the children of the passengers are coming together, speaking with Lester about the lessons of Flight 93.

Here is a preview of Lester’s report:

Their names are etched in white marble, one panel for each. Forty ordinary men and women who decided to do the extraordinary when it counted most. Sacrificing themselves so that others might live in the harrowing days right after the crash, we spoke to family members still reeling from final calls home.

DEENA BURNETT: He was not interested in reviewing his life or whispering sweet nothings into the telephone, I assure you. He was problem-solving.

Now, 20 years later, they reflect.

DEENA BURNETT: I really felt as if a part of me had died.

We also speak to some of the children of Flight 93 coming together for the first time.

LESTER HOLT: I find myself wondering if any of your parents interacted with each other on that plane.

HALLEY: Absolutely, absolutely, I mean they were with each other in their last moments.

JEROME: Their last moments.


HALLEY BURNETT: Maybe comforted each other as well.

Sons and daughters determined that future generations will know their parents’ story.

JODY GREENE: On Flight 93, they took a vote. and they did something for the greater good of the country.

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