Oklahoma man finds 7-foot snake slithering into dryer

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You’ve heard of snakes on a place.

But what about a 7-foot snake in a dryer vent?

That’s what Wayne Melvin, an Oklahoma man saw when stepped into his backyard. 

“There was a huge snake. It went from the gate, all the way through the AC unit and we saw it up in the dryer vent, going inside,” Melvin said. “We pulled the dryer out. We took it apart to see if we could find this thing. We didn`t want it in the house.”

Thankfully, the snake didn’t make it that far.

Realizing there was no place to go, the reptile tried to slither its way back out.

“The only thing that was sticking out the next time was the head. And I’m not gonna try to grab that,” Melvin said.

Rather than calling a pest control company, Melvin decided to see if the snake would come out on its own.

“We gave it a little bit of time to come out naturally instead of hurting it or killing it,” he said.

He says with a home that backs up to a creek, he’s seen snakes nearby before, but had never dealt with anything like this.

“It scared me. It was definitely a different location. Normally, you find them hidden in very obvious locations. Not your dryer vent,” Melvin said.

After the vent was snake-free, Melvin threw some gloves on and carried the snake to the creek behind his house back where it belonged.

“They eat rats and rodents. So that’s a lot better than other things that come from those woods,” Melvin said.

Experts recommend calling a local pest control company to deal with situations like this.

Given that some snakes can be poisonous it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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