WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — The Warren City Police Department responded to a disturbance call on Sunday evening.

The officers said that they were advised that a man was refusing to leave an apartment complex on the 700 block on Union Street around 4:50 p.m.

When officers arrived on scene, they saw a man outside the apartment with his dogs and on the phone, according to the report. The man told officers that they were no longer needed.

The man outside, Chad Cibik, 29, had a swollen left eye that was bruised, according to police.

Police said they questioned Cibik who said that his family, including his actual blood brother Gregory Rarey, 25, stopped by.

Cibik also said that Rarey mentioned to everyone how he was going to enter into ‘America’s Got Talent,’ the popular talent TV show.

In the report, Cibik said that Rarey’s family said they would not support him financially to get him to the auditions.

This made Rarey irritated and he left the residence. Cibik’s family followed a few minutes later, according to police.

The report said, after the parents left, Rarey came back into the residence and began screaming at Cibik for not supporting him.

Cibik, who has children in the home, told them to go into a different room when Rarey returned, according to the report.

Police say that Rarey began to swing at Cibik’s face, landing a punch on the right side of Cibik’s face, causing his eye to swell.

Cibik then took Rarey to the ground, placing him into a chokehold.

Cibik then bit into Rarey’s forearm before Rarey became unconscious.

Cibik immediately called police and told Rarey when he came to moments later, according to officials.

The report states that Rarey then fled the scene on foot.

Police said they began to search for Rarey and found him walking on South Street toward Main Ave.

The officer said he exited his cruiser to speak to Rarey about the incident.

According to the report, Rarey was trying to get a ride home or have Cibik call to get him a ride home.

His phone was reported broken after Rarey smashed his phone in anger after his mother wasn’t answering him.

Police said that Rarey told the officer that he recently stopped taking his mood stabilizers.

Rarey went on and told police he was going to kill Cibik if he filed charges because then he would not be able to audition for America’s Got Talent.

Officials said that Rarey was detained and placed Rarey in the back of the officer’s cruiser.

Once the officer with Rarey contacted the officers at the scene on Union Street, Rarey was told he was under arrest for Domestic Violence and that he was going to jail, according to police.

Rarey reacted by stating he was going to kill Cibik now. Officers advised him not to say that. Rarey replied that he is going to slit Cibik’s throat.

Rarey was taken to Trumbull County Jail for domestic violence and aggravated menacing.