NEW YORK (WCMH) — The children’s network Nickelodeon has announced that fan favorite “Double Dare” will be coming back.

According to CNN, the popular game show featuring physical challenges, and obstacles courses will be coming back this summer. 

While no date has been set yet, Nickelodeon made the announcement Wednesday saying the revival will give “a new generation of kids the chance to compete in the messiest and most physically challenging competition of their lives.”

In the original show that aired between 1986 and 1993, teams would answer question from the host Marc Summers, take part in physical challenges, and end with a messy obstacle course culminating prizes.

It isn’t known if Summers will host this newest version of the show, but Nickelodeon did announce the series “will feature appearances from blasts from the past, long-time ‘Double Dare’ fans and stars from today.”