(NBC News) — Tonight on an all-new “Dateline,” when LaJoya McCoy, a mother of two, suddenly goes missing, the police arrive to find a crime scene at her apartment. As detectives investigate, her friends and family reveal LaJoya feared she was being stalked.

Here’s a preview of Josh Mankiewicz’s report:

It had now been nearly a week now since LaJoya had gone silent. With a clock ticking loudly in her head LaJoya’s mom again called police. Officers made a third trip to LaJoya’s apartment, and this time, they forced their way in.

DET. CHAD HARVEY: I went in through the window. I yelled who I was, yelled for LaJoya. No answer.

Detective Harvey opened the front door for his partner.

DET. CHAD HARVEY: As we did, we entered, still announcing our presence.

JOSH MANKIEWICZ: What’s it look like in there?

DET. CHAD HARVEY: It’s clean. Doesn’t look like anything out of the normal, Some clothes lyin’ around. Just normal everyday things.

Then they looked in the main bedroom where it didn’t look normal at all.

DET. CHAD HARVEY: I notice that there’s bloodstains on the carpet. I then notice bloodstains on the mattress and blood spatter on the wall.

And all of LaJoya’s bedding was gone.

DET. CHAD HARVEY: And she’s missing.

JOSH MANKIEWICZ: Well, you’ve been doin’ this awhile. What are the odds that that person who is missing is still alive?

DET. CHAD HARVEY: We like to think that they are. We don’t know that they aren’t.

You can catch tonight’s all-new “Dateline” on NBC4 at 10 p.m.

About “Dateline”

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This past season, Dateline debuted two new podcasts, “Mommy Doomsday” and “Killer Role,” hosted by correspondent Keith Morrison.

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