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(WFLA) – If you’re a millennial there’s a very good chance your name is Jessica or Michael, Nameberry experts say.

Nameberry counted up the names of all babies born from 1982 until 2004, which they refer to the year range for millennials.

Jessica and Michael topped the list of names given to babies born during the millennial generation.

Over 1.1 million boys were named Michael in those 20 plus years.

The reason? Nameberry said Michael is a name that feels traditional such as, Robert and Richard, and more modern names like Milo to Maverick.

These provided the perfect bridge between the Old School male names and the new names used for boys today, Nameberry said.

On the girls’ side, Jessicas share the stage with Jennifer at the beginning, but the Millennial Generation knocked it off.

The top Millennial girls’ names are a mix of the classic, like Sarah, Emily, Elizabeth, and the trendy, such as Ashley and Amanda, Nameberry said.

Top 20 Millennial Names for Girls(Source:

  1. Jessica 757,533
  2. Ashley 716,529
  3. Amanda 522,245
  4. Sarah 517,780
  5. Jennifer 514,385
  6. Emily 475,353
  7. Samantha 410,105
  8. Elizabeth 403,989
  9. Stephanie 360,574
  10. Lauren 342,725
  11. Nicole 341,634
  12. Brittany 341,515
  13. Megan 341,174
  14. Rachel 315,566
  15. Hannah 284,662
  16. Kayla 267,757
  17. Melissa 267,513
  18. Amber 267,392
  19. Danielle 247,517
  20. Taylor 241,847

Top 20 Millennial Names for Boys(Source:

  1. Michael 1,131,021
  2. Christopher 925,809
  3. Matthew 856,718
  4. Joshua 779,372
  5. Daniel 663,363
  6. David 649,402
  7. Andrew 629,809
  8. James 609,005
  9. Joseph 607,257
  10. John 581,023
  11. Nicholas 564,865
  12. Ryan 563,706
  13. Jacob 559,709
  14. Brandon 541,039
  15. Justin 530,206
  16. Robert 518,841
  17. William 516,650
  18. Anthony 490,498
  19. Jonathan 463631
  20. Tyler 437,610

Many of the girls’ names on the Top 20 list are considered classically Millennial, from Lauren to Nicole to Kayla. Nameberry said they are regarded as “mom names” now, out of fashion for babies.

As for the boys, more of the names in the Top 20 retained their popularity, such as Matthew, James, and William. But others, like Ryan and Brandon, have become the dad names of today.

Nameberry said near the bottom of the Millennial Top 1000 names are many Millennials are bringing back for their own babies.

For example, less popular names like Ryder, Greyson, and Augustus, are back for boys whereas girls’ names like Lila, Felicity, and Bella are also in the height of fashion today.

John and Mary were the No. 1 names for The Greatest Generation, while Linda and Gary rose to the top during the Baby Boomers time.>> MORE TRENDING TOPICSStay with WFLA News Channel 8’s Lila Gross for the latest trending news straight from social media

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