(WCMH) – The Marine Corps’ beloved canine mascot, Sergeant Chesty XIV, will soon be living the retired life.

Sgt. Chesty will march in his final parade Friday evening at Marine Barracks in Washington. He has served for 5 years, or 35 in dog years.

The English Bulldog is the 14th Sgt. Chesty.

Friday, he was recognized for his honorable and faithful service to the Marine Corps. His owner says Chesty has big plans for life in retirement.

“This weekend, I’m going to be purchasing a skateboard and he’s going to learn how to skateboard. All the things that I would not let him do because he might embarrass the Marine Corps,  he’s going to learn how to do them,” said Christine Billera, Sgt. Chesty’s owner.

Each Sgt. Chesty is named in honor of legendary Marine Lt. General Lewis ‘Chesty’ Puller. The canine mascots have participated in the evening parades since 1957.

Sgt. Chesty XIV will be replaced by Sgt. Chesty XV.