GOODLAND, Kan. (KSNW) – A Kansas toddler’s fearless attitude may have earned her a free meal from law enforcement.

Demi Rall, 3, recently got ahold of her mother’s cellphone.

“We went out there, and she didn’t have the phone, but we went and checked and saw that she called dispatch,” said the girl’s mother, Taylor Rall.

The 911 call was not to report an emergency. Rather, Demi called to ask for delivery.

“I called the dispatch, and I said, ‘Did you have a little girl call,’ and she started laughing so hard. She said, ‘Yeah, she ordered McDonald’s,” said Demi’s dad, Dual Rall.

Dual immediately apologized for Demi’s mistaken call to emergency crews.

“I said, ‘Well, sorry, I know you guys probably still have to come over here, but I was just letting you know everything is fine,” Dual explained.

Dual and Taylor then worked to explain the seriousness surrounding 911 to Demi and her brother, Roman. In the meantime, law enforcement was working out their own deal.

“Our dispatch had informed us that she had received a 911 call from a little girl that was trying to order a kids meal from McDonald’s, and Carol and I kind of laughed about it,” said Goodland Police Officer Chalee Luther. “This is the last call before we went home at the end of our shift, and so we were like, we will go do this before we go home.”

Within 30 minutes, Officer Luther and Sherman County Sheriff’s Deputy Carol Porter were at Demi’s doorstep with a pair of Happy Meals in hand.

Goodland Police Officer Chalee Luther and Sherman County Sheriff’s Deputy Carol Porter pose with Demi and Roman Rall. (Dual Rall)

“I think the parents were a little more shocked than the kids were,” laughed Luther.

“I look outside, and there were two vehicles, and I opened the door, and they were holding Happy Meals, and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,'” said Taylor.

Luther, Porter and the Rall family then shared a few laughs as Demi, and her brother dug into their food.

“Every now and then, [as] officers, we need those calls that brighten everybody’s day. Not only did it make us laugh at the end of the day, but it also brought joy to that family,” said Porter.

“We live in a small community, and you know there is so much negative going on. We just thought it was neat to have some positive with law enforcement,” said Dual.

While there was plenty of positive to go around, everyone involved was quick to remind the kids that 911 is for emergencies only.

“If you are in distress and you need immediate help, then, by all means, call 911, but don’t use our 911 lines to order Happy Meals,” said Porter. “You may not get that cheeseburger Happy Meal at the end of it.”

In the end, Demi told Nexstar’s KSN she was overjoyed by the Happy Meal, especially the french fries.