(NEXSTAR) – Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan said he tested negative for COVID-19 after announcing only days before that he had contracted the virus.

“Tested negative today!” he wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of what appeared to be his negative results. “Thanks for all the kind wishes!”

Rogan, also a UFC commentator, had made headlines earlier this week when he revealed he began experiencing possible symptoms of COVID-19 after returning “from the road” several days before. He said he eventually learned he contracted the virus, at which point he began taking “all kinds of meds” — including ivermectin, a livestock de-wormer that the FDA has found to be ineffective against COVID-19 and dangerous when used for that purpose in humans.

Rogan added that he had also been treated with monoclonal antibodies, antibiotics, prednisone, and both a NAD intravenous drip and a “vitamin drip.”

He did not reveal whether he had previously been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Instagram also included a caption in his initial post, warning users of the dangers associated with “unapproved COVID-19 treatments.”

Rogan, meanwhile, had previously said on his podcast that he’s not against the vaccine, but didn’t think “young, healthy” people needed them. He later called himself a “moron” when discussing that statement, Variety reported, and claimed he was “not a respected source of information.”

Both the FDA and the CDC, meanwhile, have urged those eligible for vaccination to get the shots. In August, the FDA gave the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine full approval, which means it now carries the agency’s strongest endorsement for health and safety.