TAMPA, FL (WFLA) – In today’s digital world, it can be tough to protect your personal information.

Especially when the hackers stealing your records are disguised as a harmless app.

Did you know when you take a quiz to find your perfect spring color or play a game to build your own farm on Facebook, you authorize that program to have access to your data?

Well, people on social media were pretty upset to find they’ve unknowingly tossed their private info into the wrong hands.

These tips can help you put an end to those prying eyes and even protect your friends.

When you open up your Facebook page click the tiny arrow in the upper right-hand corner to drop down this menu.

Then, click settings taking you to your general options. Now here is where those pesky thieves are hiding.

Click on “Apps” over on the left and a page will likely populate with all these data suckers.

If programs show up in this section on your page, you know you’ve got a problem. So it’s time to get rid of them.

Simply click the “X” when hovering over the app to erase it. Click “Remove” and you’re good to go!

Be sure to keep that section clear of apps to help defend your account against hackers.