(NBC News) — On Friday’s “Dateline,” after a violent home invasion rocks a small town, police and the FBI launch a complex investigation spanning three states.

Here is a preview of Andrea Canning’s report:

Police in Saco, Maine, had a strange, violent crime on their hands: A home invasion with a shooter at large and a victim in intensive care.

As Rachel lay in the ICU, police in Maine needed to get in touch with her husband, Gregg. They called their counterparts in Londonderry, New Hampshire, 90 miles away. Sergeant Nick Pinardi is with the police department in Londonderry.

SGT. NICK PINARDI: We were working a midnight shift. It was me and a couple other officers.

Saco police wanted him to go break the news to Gregg in person.

SGT. NICK PINARDI: So, I simply went over and told him, “Your wife was shot, in Maine.” At that point, Mr. Owens said he thought he was having a heart attack. So, um, the officers helped him to the ground, sat him down.

It turned out, it wasn’t a heart attack, he’d apparently gone into shock. Gregg was eager to go see his wife, but first, he went down to the police station, full of questions about her condition.

GREGG: Status of my wife?

POLICE: Yeah, uh, she’s at the hospital right now.

GREGG: She’s alive?

POLICE: She’s alive.

GREGG: Prognosis?

POLICE: We’re not sure right now– she’s still in surgery. But she’s, you know, she’s still alive right now.

GREGG: Any idea what happened?

POLICE: Uh, we — Maine’s trying to get some information, they’re investigating it on their side.

Gregg explained that his wife had gone up to Maine for a few days to stay with friends. He said she had been struggling with her health recently and needed a getaway.

POLICE: What is the issue?

GREGG: Uh, they’re saying that it’s early– it’s an early-onset dementia.

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