LEXINGTON, NC (WCMH) – A North Carolina family might have just about everyone beat when it comes to Christmas spirit.

Jeannie Hairston and her husband Rob have decorated their home with 175 Christmas trees this year.

They could have done more, as they still have 13 trees sitting in storage.

Every room in the house has a different theme. From nativity scenes to Charlie Brown Christmas, she’s got it all.

Jeannie and her husband start decorating their home on the first of October.

She says the spectacle continues to grow each year.

“Their mouth flies open. They’ll say, ‘I can’t believe this. I feel like I’m in a Christmas Story.’” Said Jeannie, talking about the reaction she gets from visitors.

Rob says he leaves all the creativity to his wife.

“I told Jeannie when we moved in this house. She wanted to do some big decorating. I said, well I love Christmas and I love decorations, but I don’t decorate. So, you’ll have to do all the decorating,” said Rob.