A tongue-in-cheek eviction notice is sparking debate after a photo of the notice was posted on social media.

A smiling emoji and the words, “Guess who’s moving? You!” are plastered across the front of the notice that was left on a tenant’s door. The rest of the notice reads “We’ve called, we’ve texted and sent emails, so pay your rent or bring in those keys. Rent is due on the first. not whenever.”

While the note itself has gone viral after comedian KevOnStage posted a video about it, residents of Bent Tree Apartments say the note was inappropriate, especially with the complaints renters have about the apartment complex.

“It’s antagonizing,” Deadrick Flemming said. “I feel like it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s a shameful situation for someone that is trying their best to make ends meet.

According to WREG, many people living at the complex refuse to pay rent because the property management refuses to make repairs.

“They are quick to put you out and slow to fix stuff,” one resident who wished to remain anonymous said.

Chasity Blackburn, senior director at the Bent Tree complex, denies that repairs have gone unaddressed.

“If they call us, the typical turnaround time is four days,” she said of non-emergency work orders. Blackburn explained that although the landlord’s approach in this particular eviction notice may spark controversy, but the process itself is standard for the market. If rent isn’t paid by the 15th of the month, it is sent over to evictions.

“She does anything and everything she can to collect the money,” Blackburn said.

Resident Joshua Clay told WREG that he understands the process and why it is in place, but he still thinks the note went too far.

“That is very petty,” Clay said.

Not all renters at the property agree, however.

“I mean, pay your bills and you won’t get it,” Marcise Taylor said. “That’s the bottom line.”

Neighbors say the residents who received the notice have moved out of the unit and the sign has been taken down.